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James Sinner

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James Sinner’s porn career first took off in 2018, when the adrenaline junkie’s natural curiosity and love of exploring his own personal boundaries led him into the biz. Since then, the tattooed hunk has buried his lengthy cock deep inside the world’s most attractive babes, using his movie star looks and rampant sex drive to work his way to the top of the smut scene. A Cali native, James doesn’t solely rely on porn to pay the bills, and when he isn't grabbing onto tits and ass or fingering dripping wet pussies, the ripped stud gets his hands dirty doing construction work. This is a guy who isn’t afraid of hard graft: whether he’s in the middle of a construction site or partaking in a wild orgy on set, James will always be the first to show up and the last to leave. His dedication and motivation are an inspiration to his costars, and his fans can always count on James to give one hundred percent in each of his performances. An outdoor enthusiast, James can often be found unwinding down at the beach and likes to keep himself in shape by running and cycling. You can watch James live out your most sinful fantasies by checking out his filthy antics right here!

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